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Go shorty.

Aside from the approximately 4 hours I spent visiting (and revisiting) the Genius Bar and on the phone with Apple Care, I had the best birthday kick-off weekend! Gone Girl on Friday night with mom, Saturday spa day (thanks, husband!) and Sunday stuff with the fam. 

We just had the most beautiful weekend. Friday night pierogies and a plan for that homeless cat. Saturday donuts and a walk by the lake. Saturday night par-tay for Gramps. Dad won the world’s most rancid wine as a door prize. Sunday walk with the puppies, Target tour and some fall decor. Dad got his first iPhone tutorial. Wrapped up the weekend with dinner at Mom & Dad’s w/ Gramps and Linds.

I can’t believe it. I’m a bum.

I’m more than a month late posting about the ANNUAL TRIP TO THE COUNTY FAIR! I’ve been feeling kind of blue about the end of the summer, and I think I’ve been subconsciously upset because I haven’t appropriately recognized this Very Fun Summer Outing.

It started out as mom and I mostly like it to start it out: by singing “Ohhhh…Weeeeee’re…going to the county, we’re going to the fair…” - which goes a long way to endearing Dan to the event.

And, like previous trips to the fair, I left this year having learned something. I have to say that my takeaway from this year’s visit may have been the most profound of all time.

Well, if not the most profound, it’s the most like something that I’m pretty sure Kanye has said:


The thing about the fair is that everyone is there just doing their thing. Being themselves. Not giving a single f*ck.

Like this guy on a motorcycle, who said, “Flipped over handicapped sign? That’s my spot. IMMA DO ME.”


Or this brave exhibit about the wonders of solar power…that’s powered by an electric light. Solar, schmolar. IMMA DO ME.


Dad even got in on the action by making the incredibly poor decision to snack on an elephant ear. We all tried to talk him out of it - Dad, the funnel cake is far superior to the elephant ear - but he was all, “IMMA DO ME.” And you know what? He totally regretted it. Two bites into that flappy fried garbage, and he wanted to throw it away.


We had “collectors” (again) who decided that a pile of dirty cell phone cases was worthy of display. So, is there any sort of thematic tie amongst those cases? No? They’re all just yucky pieces of plastic that covered your old cell phones? Oh, OK. You’re gonna do you.



And, I don’t know…I guess in my own strange way, my annual pilgrimage to the fair is my own demonstration of DOING ME. I choose to spend one of a rather limited number of summer Fridays hanging out with barnyard animals and fried food. And I like it. IMMA DO ME.

I loved this weekend.

Laughs over dinner on Friday (“Does Bryan have arms?”).

A silly Stein Mart run on Saturday (“I knew you two were responsible for the singing bear!”) and dinner with mom, dad, Dan & Gramps.

A walk by the lake (“Um, why is that old guy lapping us?”) and dinner at Burntwood (“Shut that terrible baby up.”) on Sunday.

Nice to be home this weekend.